Official website redesign

New version of my official website, using technologies like ReactJS, Symfony 4 and Api-Platform.

This project is aimed to redesign my official website and highlights many different aspects such as Symfony 4 or React.

In this project, I decided to use my advanced knowledge of Symfony by using API Platform. This project is separated in 4 distinct parts:

1. Frontend

Frontend is managed by React JavaScript library for building the user interface who will be seen by each visitor of the website.

A new user interface has been developed using Bootstrap 4 and SASS style sheet language.

2. API

API is powered by API Platform project who use Symfony framework and running under PHP7.3.

Data mapping is provided by Doctrine MongoDB ODM persistence. This dynamic data is stored under a fully managed cloud database powered by MongoDB Atlas to provide a faster and safe stored data.

Dynamic assets available in the different section of the website (cooking, blog, portfolio and travel) are stored online in Google Cloud Storage to provide assets at all times.

3. Admin

Admin interface is powered by react-admin and restricted to be accessed only be myself to be able to perform actions on the dynamic content of the website.

4. Hosting

Has a dedicated user of Google products, I decided to host my website like my other projects on Google Cloud Platform. This project is hosted has 3 App Engine instances providing an availability at all times.


  • Version



  • Bootstrap 4.3
  • React
  • Sass
  • Disqus comments system
  • API Platform
  • Symfony 4
  • MongoDB
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Google Maps API
  • Google App Engine

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