Trip to Romania: Cluj Napoca

From July 30, 2019 to August 8, 2019

Welcome to Cluj-Napoca, the Romania's second-largest city of the country and the unofficial capital of the Transylvania region.

Not as well-known as Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca is a box-of-treasures in Romania that has gained its place as an economic, cultural and innovation centre on a national and international level. Today, Cluj is one of the most effervescent European cities, with a multicultural environment that lures both tourists and expats.

Cluj-Napoca is 2,000 Years Old

The ‘Napoca’ from Cluj-Napoca was the name of the Roman citadel founded on the city’s territory more than 2,000 years ago. After fighting the Dacians and conquering the territory of their kingdom, the Romans settled and built a citadel in what is today’s city centre. In the 1st and 2nd centuries, Napoca was the capital of the new Roman province and one of the most important cities in the eastern part of the Roman Empire.

Kinetic Steampunk Bar

In Cluj, you can find the first kinetic steampunk pub ever opened with a worldwide-unique design: Enigma Cafe. Designed by two Romanian artists, the bar is awe-inspiring. Once inside, you feel like in a time capsule where a giant moving wheel keeps the time flowing. The design is another proof of the locals’ creativity and artistic spirit.

Botanical Garden

Established in 1920 and officially opened for the public in 1925, Alexandru Borza Botanical Garden is a scientific, didactic and educational institution whose foundations were set in the present location by Alexandru Borza, prominent figure in the field of Biology in Romania.

The Botanical Garden covers 14 hectares, a varied land configuration suitable for the growth and development of plants from different continents.

Untold Music Festival

If you are into festival and EDM like me, you definitively need to go to Untold. This EDM music festival takes at Cluj-Napoca's Central Park and is now one of the largest dance music festivals in Europe, seeing over 300,000 people attend annually which is held almost all day long, from 2PM to 8AM for 4 consecutive days.

Even though the first edition only took place in 2015, Untold has swiftly become one of the most beloved and acclaimed festivals worldwide, having garnered the award for Best Major Festival at the European Festival Awards.

Showcasing the world's top DJ's each and every summer, Untold attracts avid dance fans from across the continent, enticed by the stellar roster of artists and ground-breaking visual production.

The main stage (inside the 30,000-seater Cluj Arena stadium) is the hub of EDM throughout the duration, however, Untold's lineup also indulges those who prefer techno, house, and drum and bass, fostering an array of genres suitable for an international audience ready for the party of all parties.


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